Monday, October 21, 2013

Back on the road once more

Harry the Dog, no not that one.
As most of you know we gave up tenancy of the house in Portugal having been told for the second year running it was on the market for sale so here we are once more spending most of the year in our Campervan with added luggage trailer in Europe. Arrival back in UK was a bit earlier than planned but there were all sorts of things to do, Medical, Dentist, Legal and a major time for the Campervan ie. service and timing belts etc to be changed. Strangely enough nothing ever goes as planned and we spent more time waiting around to get things done than expected and and sadly many of our plans went 'aft aglie' in the Scottish venacular.

We did manage to visit friends in Wales, Scotland and of course England but never seemed to have enough time to get around and meet everybody so apologies where they are due.

We like windmills

At the moment on a Campsite at the French/Spanish border getting ready to cut across Spain and head for our winter domicile of Portugal with the promise of rain for the next few days but at least it is warm rain unlike the journey down through France where the promise of sunshine on arrival at Calais soon turned to rain, heavy rain, hailstones and thick fog before we fought our way through to sunshine just south of Castets enroute for Bayonne and up to now 30C has been very welcome.

As per usual the best laid plans bottom out especially with the mobile Router to give us WiFi as we travel, simple just buy a French Sim card and off you go except nobody seems to have told the French as our purchase of said Sim started us on a trail of obtaining more megabytes. The French Orange shop sells you the Sim but you have to go to the Tabac to by the extra Mbs but we found the folks in the Tabacs we tried had not a clue about Mobile WiFi only phone updates and no it was not down to my lack of fluent French roll on Portugal at least there they know about Mobile WiFi.

Can you see the Dragon
In all my years I have never seen a real Airship ie. a gas bag with a Gondola slung underneath and driven by a propeller until a couple of days ago when we saw what we thought was an advertising balloon escaped from it's moorings, but shades of the Hindenburg or R10 disasters there was the real thing in the sky above us, needless to say we were on the motorway so no photographs. Simple mind, simple pleasure. Zssst?

We have taking our time coming down through France this year and that has allowed us to stop off and visit places we have passed by umpteen times over the years and found it very relaxing and enjoyable.

Hopefully once we arrive in Portugal the Blog will be more regular though I make no promises as time seems to pass so quickly and it seems we have 8 hour days instead of 24.

Cheers, Jack n Kit.